About FSAStore.com

Who We Are

FSAStore.com is a fast growing company headquartered in New York, NY. Our location is conveniently located next to our distribution facilities which makes handling orders and returns a snap.

Contact Us:

Information and Inquires: info@fsastore.com
Customer Service: customercare@fsastore.com
Phone: (888) FSA-1450 (372-1450) (24 Hours a Day / 7 days a week)

FSAStore.com, Inc.
244 5th Ave. Suite #J-257
New York, NY 10001

The FSAStore.com History

When Founder Jeremy Miller created two Flexible Spending Account plans in his prior jobs as an added benefit for employees, he saw firsthand some of the frustrations and issues with employees fully utilizing their FSA accounts. This became even more evident toward the end of the year when many employees had money left in their accounts and there was not a clear cut way to spend the remaining funds. That was when the idea for FSAStore.com was created, a place where it is easy to shop FSA Eligible Products, Learn about FSA Accounts, and Search Eligible Doctors in your Area.

Since then, Jeremy received an MBA Columbia Business School and received funding from the Columbia Business School Lang Fund. Jeremy teamed up with four other MBA’s and worked on the business for a year. He recently partnered with Azar Gurbanov who joined the team after selling his stake in a telecom company he helped found. The site was officially launched June 20, 2010 and from then on the business has evolved into the goal of offering the best customer shopping experience online. FSAStore.com now has 20 people working together across the globe to make FSAStore.com the best one-stop shop for Flexible Spending Accounts. With the coming healthcare changes around the corner, FSAStore.com aims to help each and every customer navigate the FSA landscape with ease.

What We Do

FSAStore.com is the one stop shopping source for all things FSA. For information about a flexible spending account click here. We have the largest inventory of FSA eligible products and services on the web. In fact, we ONLY carry FSA eligible products! Our competitive pricing and quick turnaround coupled with a website you can trust makes us the source for Flexible Spending Account information and shopping.


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